Land of legends…

Only 40 minutes by car from Ker Yaoulet, Carnac is a site not to miss during your holiday in Brittany. World renowned, the menhirs of Carnac are 7000 years old. There are 3 main sites in Carnac which hold thousands of megaliths lined up in descending height order over several kilometers: Ménec, Kermario and Kerlescan. You can tour these menhirs from October to March on your own, and you can tour them with a guide from April to September. The Carnac prehistory museum has a very rich collection of archaeological objects on display. A large portion of the museum is of course dedicated to the Neolithic period and to all the questions provoked by these mysterious alignments of megaliths. Many funeral mounds and dolmens can also be seen in Carnac: don’t miss the Moustoir funeral mound or that of Saint-Michel, the Kercado dolmen, or the Mane Kerioned site, a “pixie hill” that houses three dolmens, one of which is half-buried.

… And a charming resort town

A place where history and legends feed the imagination, between Druid ceremonies and Korrigan gatherings, Carnac is also a typical Breton village and an enchanting resort town.  After visiting the menhirs, explore one of the five beaches of Carnac which are: family-friendly, intimate, pristine, and each is one is unique. Perfect for fishing off the shore, Beaumer beach is also sheltered and shaded. Ty Bihan beach has an excellent view of the Bay of Quiberon. During the summer, there is entertainment for children. The large beach is known for its southern exposure. Lifeguards monitor the beach all summer and it is accessible for people with limited mobility. Many bars, restaurants and shops surround the area. Carnac is also known for its long tradition of cultivating oysters that you can discover in l’Anse du Pô. Thirty or so professionals will introduce you to their products: flat or cupped oysters, shellfish and crustaceans. You can also tour the facilities in season.

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