Old Town and Port

Only 20 minutes by car from Ker Yaoulet, Vannes is the pearl of the Morbihan and was once the capital of the Dukes of Brittany. The ramparts, cobblestone streets, and half-timbered houses are all part of the exceptional state of preservation of this port city that was once a medieval town.  Walking through old town, through the maze of alleys, is a joy by day or night: lively bar and restaurant patio take over from the picturesque boutiques and shops as night falls. The Saint-Pierre Cathedral, the Cohue (building that houses the Fine Arts Museum), and the Château-Gaillard private mansion are all in the medieval center. Punctuated with watch towers and fortified gates, the ramparts that date from the 13thcentury can also be seen from the outside, from the French gardens of the Promenade de la Garenne. Also not to miss is the Port of Vannes: located in the center, the lock basinconnects to the Gulf of Morbihan via a long channel. Many events take place at the port. Every two years at the Ascension, the Semaine du Golfe takes place, a great gathering of traditional ships. All throughout the year, several Gulf of Morbihan cruises depart from the Port of Vannes.

A place to experience and visit

An energetic tourist town, Vannes has many activities to enjoy and sites to visit. In high season, the historical festivals are a big draw: for a few days around July 14th, there are parades in costume, falconry shows, demonstrations of traditional craftsmanship and fire-breathing exhibitions. The major periods and highlights of the history of Vannes are depicted. The Middle Ages are of course one of the main events with jousting, medieval music concerts, and street shows. All year long, this capital of the Morbihan has exceptional sites to visit: in addition to its museums, two cinemas and monuments, Vannes has a theme park called Le Ker, with an ocean aquarium and butterfly garden.

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